Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Progress

The book I'm writing-- which for the first time in my career I've written entirely by hand-- has turned a definite corner. I've outlined from where I am all the way to the end and realized I only have 11 more beats in this first draft left to write-- basically 11 chapters, more or less. Then comes a rough part: I plan to take two or three weeks of not looking at it while I finish up another project, and then when I return it will be the hardest project I have ever undertaken: the revision from page 1 of an entire novel as I type it in from my longhand draft. So that will be a lot of work, but I am more excited about this book than I have been in years.
A note about process: I write on cheap spirals, which come in two major varietys. The first three spirals I filled were 70 pages long, 26 lines each. The final spiral has 33 lines per page and about 100 pages. I've been hand-writing on a spiral

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