Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters, specialty coffee, Austin, Texas - Home

Writers, I'm totally curious: what are your favorite places to write? As in, where you could get writing done for hours (that's a term of art, by the way: I call a friend and say "let's go get some writing done." In Austin I did reams of work at Mozarts and of all places the Hyatt Regency lobby. In Dallas, I wrote three Alex Van Helsing books in lecture halls at the University of Dallas. Now in Colorado, I like to go to the main hall at Arapahoe County Community College in Littleton. The key ingredients: I need room to spread out and decent isolation. What about you? http://ift.tt/17iI6eD

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New TMNT Game for 3DS Launching This Summer Alongside The Movie

Hey gang! Just two weeks until my latest TMNT game comes out-- this time for the Nintendo 3DS! I did thousands-- literally thousands-- of lines of dialog for this one. http://ift.tt/Tzbz1J

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