Monday, November 25, 2013

Ben 10 #1 is out and the reviews are awesome!

So, I write the new Ben 10 comic series for IDW. And Issue 1 is finally out!

You can read a cool preview of Ben 10 #1 at ComicVine.

You can also find the comic at Comixology and Amazon.

We're also getting some cool reviews!

First Comics:
The characters are dead-on, such as Ben struggling with his attraction to a mysterious girl on the ship. Can Ben, the focus of so much attention, still be lonely? According to Grandpa Max, definitely!
Also, the action quotient is just as high as during the 30-minute cartoons, so the balance between drama and physical activity remains just as strong.
One warning: Don’t expect this story to wrap up in this $3.99 premiere issue! The tale will continue on!
Alternate Cover for Ben 10 #1
Comic Book Therapy:
Henderson writes a good story. ... If you’re a Ben 10 fan you’re going to get a great new adventure. If you’re a casual viewer, much like myself, you’ll still get enough to enjoy here. This isn’t the cleanest jumping on point, but you’ll be able to follow along.