Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Ben 10 Comic is Coming! Read all About It!

The cover to Ben 10 #1, this November from IDW.
Awesome Tuesday! There are two new articles out today covering the Ben 10 comic series I'm writing for IDW with art from Gordon Purcell.

Newsarama: IDW Brings BEN 10 Back To Comics
ICV2: ‘Ben 10’ Comic From IDW in November

Excerpt from the N'rama article:
“In Ben 10, there’s a lot of that same feel of a teenager who gets to straddle his world of school and youth and also the professional adventurer world of spies, vehicles, tech and close calls as in the Ales Van Helsing series,” says Henderson, who also wrote the Image Comics’ series Sword of Dracula. “We've got homages to all of Ben 10 as well as great adventures like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Voyage to the Bottom of Sea, even the old undersea kingdom serials that starred people like Gene Autry and Ray 'Crash" Corrigan. I really wanted to cement Ben 10 as part of the great tradition of young heroes in wild adventures. We've got underwater battles, clowning on the ship, icy battles in the frozen north, James-Bond-climax-style commando raids, and even some genuinely mind-blowing Aquaman-style sea creature encounters.”
More soon!