Monday, July 8, 2013

No Spoilers: Only see THE CONJURING if you want to get the %$%& scared out of you.

Seriously-- I caught THE CONJURING at a preview screening in Denver and I am so thrilled about it. My arms are still tingling from this movie-- that's the frisson that good horror gives you, the shiver on the back of your neck and for me all up and down my arms. I haven't actually jumped in a movie in years, but I did in this one. The trailer is below-- it's really all you need.

THE CONJURING felt like a genuinely scary piece to sit beside the greats of ghost tales. In fact that's part of its charm, this movie both works as a scary movie and also as a sort of love letter to supernatural thrillers like LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH, GHOST STORY, POLTERGEIST, even HALLOWEEN. This is a movie that loves American Gothic. It may be the best ghost story I've seen since THE CHANGELING. I know that's high praise, but I mean it-- check out THE CONJURING when it opens July 18, but only if you want to spend the night jumping.

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