Monday, January 23, 2012

Remembering Sylvia Faust

Oh. My. Gosh.
Over at Comics Bulletin, Daniel Elkin spends a whole column reminiscing about Sylvia Faust, the "magical romantic comedy" I wrote and Greg Scott drew for Image Comics. It was about a magic-using girl who joins the staff of a crazy 24-hour movie house patterned after a certain indy theater in Austin.

After issue two, I'm sure I'll want to introduce this comic to my parents. Maybe after issue three we'll talk about moving in together. After issue four I'll find myself lingering in front of jewelry store windows eying rings I can't possibly afford. After issue five . . . Oh . . .With these long range romantic plans dancing in my head, I set upon myself the task of trying to track down every issue I could find ofSylvia Faust.To my initial horror, I found out that Sylvia Faust was only planned to be a four-issue mini-series through Image. To further rip my heart out, though, only two issues came out! Nobody on the internet seems to know what happened to the series. It's like the last two issues were kidnapped by some mysterious malevolent but maladroit mustachioed menace and taken to some terrible titanic tower in an alternate alien dimension. Sylvia Faust is in peril! A hero must be summoned to take on the quest of saving it and journey through terrible trials and tribulations! Who will rise to the occasion?

We did two issues, and then schedules got the best of the team and we never completed the series. This has always made me sad. Check out Daniel's column if you'd like a taste of the "practical magic" world of Sylvia Faust.

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