Thursday, November 10, 2011

Listen to Castle Dracula Podcast now on Stitcher!

This is very exciting news. I've actually been a fan of Stitcher, the best podcast-listening mobile app I've discovered yet, for some time. I've gotten to the point where I'm as likely to listen to my podcasts via Stitcher as often if not more often than I do via iTunes.  So I totally recommend it. But now CASTLE DRACULA PODCAST has been added to Stitcher. You can listen to the latest episode plus past episodes.
Look for a new episode very soon!

How do you get Stitcher? Go to your mobile app store, or go to Stitcher and click the Download tool.

Our show is now on Stitcher!

Listen to us on your iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry and WebOS phones..
Stitcher is Smart Radio for Your phone. Find it in your app store or at

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