Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Alex Van Helsing Christmas Promotion: Order Both Books and Get a TOP SECRET Preview of Book 3

Just this week I got a letter from a student in Denver who published a review of Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead in the Denver Post. I was so thankful (and impressed-- I wasn't publishing reviews in the paper in middle school!) that I sent her a bookmark. It was wrapped in scratch paper that just happened to be a page from an editing draft of Alex Van Helsing #3: The Triumph of Death. The student wrote back that she loved the sneak preview as much as the bookmark.

And that got me thinking.

It's Thanksgiving. It's Christmas shopping time. So here's my commitment to you.

Want to get the action-and-vampire-loving reader in your life a great set gift? Know a boy or girl who loves spies, motorcycles, helicopters, and monsters, not necessarily in  that order?

Order them the first two books in the Alex Van Helsing series.

Anyone who orders or purchases Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising and Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead together between now and December 25, 2011 will get an email with an exclusive sneak peek at July 2012's Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death. 

I'll give you access to a whole scene, not available anywhere else until well into next year.

Here's how:
Who: You.
When: now until 12:01 December 26, 2012
What: Order or purchase, online or off,  both Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising and Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead.

  • Email me proof at . 
  • Use the Subject Line: TOP SECRET PROMOTION
  • What's proof? Forward me a receipt (be sure to clip out anything you don't want to share) or if you have a paper receipt, just take a phone pic of it and send it. 
  • I'll email you back your top secret preview of Book 3, Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death. This is material that no one outside of my house and my publisher has seen. I leave it to YOU to guard it with your life.
If you or anyone you know would have their world turned upside down by our favorite motorcycle-riding, WaveRunner-stealing, vampire-killing high school superspy, then now is your chance for a completely rare gift.

Pass it on. 

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