Friday, August 5, 2011

Ms. Yingling loves Voice of the Undead:"textbook example of how to write for the Adrenaline rush"

The fantastic Ms. Yingling blog weighs in on Voice of the Undead:
I liked Vampire Rising so much that I nominated it for the Cybils Awards.The second book is a textbook example of how to write for the Adrenaline rush: Alex is chased by two cars, has blood sucking leeches thrown at him by Elle, is attacked by the leeches again in his dorm room, and then the dorm catches on fire. That's just the first two chapters! The boys from Glenarvon have to move in with the girls at LaLaurie school until repairs are made.

Check out the rest-- but warning: SPOILERS!

Thanks Ms. Yingling!

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