Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Original Vs. New Fright Night Trailers: Voice of the Undead Countdown Minus 55

With Voice of the Undead coming out on July 26, I'm counting down 60 cool vampire things. Today: 
Fright Night. 

The original 1985 Fright Night was a loving ode to vampire films, about a boy who teams up with a washed up horror host (played by Roddy McDowall) to face a vampire who has moved in next door. There are so many layers of vampire geekdom here, starting with the basic plot lifting a key element of Dracula-- the new neighbor is a vampire. In the original, the vampire was Chris Sarandon-- this Summer we see it all again with Colin Farrell. Here are trailers for both. The remake of Fright Night opens in August.

Original Fright Night Trailer

Fright Night Remake Trailer

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