Friday, March 11, 2011

On Twilight Fanfic

The Awl has a wonderful article on Twilight Fanfic.

These women edit stories, write reviews, judge writing contests, host podcasts, and have five conventions planned in the course of a year. The stories range from traditional romance plots (a cabin, a fireplace, a hot tub, general yearning) to ecstasy-fueled threesomes in college dorm rooms. Sites like Twilighted have filled a space on the internet that no publishing house ever could. They dodge copyright laws and taboos about teen sex. Also they do it for free.
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Although a big opponent of piracy I'm a huge fan of fanfic. That's my goal in life, to develop something so popular that people are compelled to write fanfic about it. (Fanfic I then would probably not be allowed to read, but there you go.)


  1. Sadly, fanfics are a main chunk of what I write. I'm so ashamed. I always felt that fanfics were the lowest form of writing because you cant come up with your own ideas, you have to use someone else's.

    Doesn't stop me from writing them when I get the bolt of inspiration. >>;

  2. Oh, no, you should never be ashamed of what you write! If you love writing it, write it! Though I've had conversations in the past where I told writers who wanted to write Star Trek fanfic-- why not just strip out the branded parts and see where your story goes as your own? But you can write anything you want if it brings you joy.

  3. I did that once, striped out the copyright parts to see if it would be any good.

    I used to love an anime called 'Hellsing' which is an interesting, very fun show. Mostly because it deals with a 'what if' in the Stoker book. What if Dracula was captured instead of killed. And it has a 'modern day' thing going with it.

    I wrote novel length fanfictions for that thing. For personal reasons I removed them all from online and recently went through them to see what I had. Several of them didn't even have anything copyrighted in them at all. The show had just given me inspiration to write my own idea of something that didn't even concern the show at all.

    So yeah, you're totally right there.