Monday, February 21, 2011

The Red Ink on Alex Van Helsing 3

Here's a fresh look at where we are with Alex Van Helsing #3, currently called "The Triumph of Death." At this point I am doing my third pass through the document and am about ready to turn it in to HarperTeen.
What will happen then is that my editor will read the document-- usually taking a month or so, maybe less, and then will come back to me with a letter discussing the book, complete with questions, clarifications, and suggestions for revisions. That letter is just the first in a series of revisions that occur before we get close to the final version of the book. I've had editorial letters that asked me to remove subplots making up about a third of the book, meaning major surgery.
In fact, even the version of a book that gets sent out to reviewers-- the ARC or Advanced Review Copy-- is not the final version. When the cover calls it an "uncorrected proof," they mean it.
All of which is to say, at the point I'm at with Triumph of Death, I've done almost all I can without hearing what the editors are thinking. So we're just about done with this round and ready to rest and work on other ideas.

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