Friday, November 12, 2010

Two great reviews of Daughters of the Shadow, focusing on Colleen Wing

What a Friday! Today I woke up to find two new reviews of Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #3 that warmed my heart. If you haven't checked the series out, I encourage you to, because that way I might get to write more issues about Colleen Wing, New York Samurai.

Shadowkurt at CBR found that the book was different from what he expected and certainly from the often-generic solicitations, but
"Where the book shines, however, is the characterization of the women. The high point is the conversation between Colleen and Misty. Anyone who feared that Misty would get jobbed for Colleen to shine can relax; she’s shown as the kind of friend you can call out of bed in the middle of the night and get the advice you need. She does not say “I told you so”, but accepts that Colleen is right to make her own choices even if some of them may be wrong, and she considers Colleen to be the one of them who would incur greater disadvantages if it meant doing the right thing (which is the way Zeb Wells wrote her too, by the way). So the two reconcile and Misty gives Colleen her blessing to go ahead and form her own team. Colleen herself is spot on as usual, though she’s got much less internal narrative than in the earlier issues (except at the very beginning and end). Her best part came during the duel with Black Lotus whom she defeated despite a concussion and a foot pinned to the ground, all the while admiring her opponent’s skill."

Meanwhile, Adam Chapman at CXPULP thought it was one of his favorite tie-ins:
"More crossover tie-ins should be written like this one, which manages to tell a good story and actually do something with a character, while at the same time crossing over and making it feel more incidental instead of the most important thing about the book.
Henderson has a great handle not just on how to write Colleen Wing, however, but also how to write Misty Knight, and how to write the two women together. The characterization of the two is fantastic, there's a very realistic sensibility to the conversation, as we manage to have a nice little scene which manages to do some solid character work for both characters, as well as show the deep bond and friendship between the two women. There aren't a lot of duos in comics that are comprised of two women, but Henderson succinctly shows why these two women are such great friends, and how they complement each other."

Okay, now here's a question. Why do I paste snippets of reviews in my own blog? It does seem untoward, but my reason is that I hope it moves you to check out the work. So please forgive the self-promotion.

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