Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #2 out today! Go get it!

Three-part miniseries in comics are strange creatures. I tend to think of comic stories in three-act structures both inside each issue and within the series itself. If so, Issue 2 of Daughters of the Shadow is Act 2, and it's a busy one.

In Issue 1, we met Colleen and she was chosen to lead the female assassin team The Nail by Daredevil. Now, in Issue 2, we see them a week or so into activity, as they sweep across the city gathering info on a human smuggling ring. It's all pushing towards an enormous showdown (or two or three) in Issue 3 between Colleen and Daredevil, Colleen and the other assassins, and especially Colleen and Misty Knight, her longtime friend and partner.

Check out a preview of Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow Issue 2 here.

And don't forget-- if you haven't read Issue 1, Marvel is re-issuing it with a variant cover next week!

Here's page one of today's issue, by the way:

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