Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ice Princess: Alex Van Helsing

Great review of Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising from Koorihime-sama, the Ice Princess:

Unlike most young adult (and adult) books I read, this book actually has details of events, scenery/places, characters, etc. I felt more engaged in this book than in most books I read. The characters feel realistic, and the action/suspense is something to look forward to.
Also, something even more interesting, the author ties-in not only Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as well. Why is that interesting? Because I have never seen any other vampire book tie in another horror book, and use some of the writings in it as well as use Dracula as clues for vampires and the history behind it.
Now, shoo, go read it.
You can read the rest of the review here.

Incidentally, I totally can't comment on whether I use more or less detail than other books. But this opinion does make me think of what would be a fun exercise: imagine asking ask six or seven authors to write the same minor scene-- Lead Character parks her car at the airport and has to get to her gate, and while she's going through security she gets an important cell phone call but has to hang up her phone, losing the end of the conversation.

I can imagine many ways of writing the scene, with more description or less, lots of dialog:

                    "I gotta cut this short," Ronnie said.
                     "Did you stop by the courthouse?" Marcus asked.
                     "Yes, and I need to get off; is there anything else?"

...  or narrated dialog:
                         The second conversation was short-- Ronnie let Marcus know she'd already visited the courthouse and there wasn't anything else to say.
... and I can imagine the scene with almost no description and with a lot. I do know too much is too much. But also coming into play-- probably more so than description--- will  be rhythm and pacing.

More to come on that. Thanks for the review, Ice Princess!

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