Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SLJ review and Alex Van Helsing Teaser Trailer

So we now have about two weeks until Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising comes out. The good news is we had a fantastic review from the School Library Journal:

“Henderson references Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to weave a great story line full of action, suspense, and adventure. The satisfying story captivates readers with a modern-day spin of James Bond meets Dracula. It has lots of bite that will have readers thirsting for more.”  (Donna Rosenblum, SLJ Reviewer) 

(*Editor's note-- you forgot to mention that it's a STARRED review!) Okay. Now we have mentioned it. Thank you, Ed.

I actually am too thrilled by that to have anything to add to it, other than gosh, Donna. Thanks!

Also, we have a new teaser trailer for Alex Van Helsing-- a little 30-second message. Enjoy!

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