Thursday, April 29, 2010

Girls in the Stacks: Alex Van Helsing like MacGyver, Vampire Hunter

Girls in the Stacks have posted their review of Alex Van Helsing and in a formulation I haven't seen yet liken Alex to MacGyver, the guy who can do things like make an airplane out a refrigerator. That's definitely a model; I call them "MacGyver Powers."

 I was hooked from the first sentence!
Alex is an extremely likable character, with cool survival skills. I mean, at fourteen he can kill a vampire, single-handedly, with only crude weapons. He is also extremely instinctual; he can come up with plans within seconds after a problem arises.  I think of him as the MacGyver of vampire hunters. Though, I would have liked to see/hear more of his emotions, his internal struggles. 
You can read the rest here.

Incidentally, Stacy and Shannan at Girls in the Stacks are pretty cool. We met up at a local Borders and talked Alex and vampires for a while-- in fact I think there's video of that laying around. If it turns up, I'll post it.

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