Friday, March 19, 2010

"Bookworming" blog: Alex Van Helsing "jammed packed with adventure and intrigue"

Awesome morning. I am totally, totally not above touting an awesome review, so...

Over at Goodreads and on her own blog, "Bookgoil" wrote up a review of Alex Van Helsing #1.

Jammed packed with adventure and intrigue, Alex Van Helsing is an upcoming series that can be compared to the popular Alex Rider series. My librarian mind went straight to that thought about halfway through the novel. Only - add in a few vampires and some wooden weaponry.

Thanks Bookgoil!

Alex VH is my first YA novel, so I'm actually pretty excited. As with any publishing, every single reader, sale, mention matters. The truth is, a blog entry means a great deal, because everyone else can read it.

Busy, busy week this week. I created about 24 pages of a new project, heard from a major comic publisher about working up a pitch for them, and got the edits back on Alex Van Helsing #2. The evenings are getting full again; my month of leisurely reading in my little red office is officially over.

Happy Friday!

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