Friday, March 26, 2010

Alex Van Helsing Forum and Gear

Okay, a couple of cool things. Experiments, really-- and early experiments because of course the first Alex Van Helsing book doesn't even come out until May.
I've been slowly adjusting this blog as a place to, if we're lucky, respond to any comments or questions or musings or-- well, heck, anything; we could debate whether vampires could be romantic or not. But anyway, there were certain things that the blog was missing. For one thing, we really needed a forum, so that people could create their own topics if they wanted. Second, we needed a store, because naturally everyone needs a Polidorium t-shirt.

So to that end I've just added a Forum and a Store. Right now what I've created are a couple of Polidorium t-shirts and a coffee cup. If this experiment pans out in the summer, who knows, I might add more.

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