Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Treat Links: The Terror (1963)

Can someone please explain The Terror to me?

I have watched The Terror about a hundred times, and I tell you, I have never once been able to follow the story. Maybe too much happens, maybe not enough. But it looks great.

I hear you talking: you're saying, "What's to understand? Jack Nicholson is a young soldier, and he meets a ghost while he walks on the beach, and he goes to a creepy castle and the ghost is a bird and there's a floodgate and the old baron" and then the words just start sounding like wah wah wah.

And yet it's gorgeous. Creepy castles. Endless walks around said castle. Boris Karloff and Jack Nicholson. It's like a meditation-- how much does something that looks like a movie have to make sense to actually be a movie? In a way, The Terror is a horror slide show. And a great one. Grab some popcorn.

Watch The Terror online at Youtube.

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