Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Treat Links: The Best and Worst Movies for Halloween at Slate

For some time, I've been enjoying Mark Jordan Legan's ongoing video mini-magazine at Slate, The Worst Cinematic Crap That's Ever Been Made." This has been a treasure trove of cinematic mishaps-- K. Gordon Murray's dubbed Mexican children's movies, lost lesser Asian monster movies, the very best of the worst (or at least, what we call the worst, which is not to say unwatchable; I'll take Samson Versus the Vampire Women over Pay it Forward any day.)

This week, Legan gives us two tours, with a twist: a tour of the best little-known horror movies, or at least a handful of them, and then a tour of the worst.

Here's Legan's All-Time Scariest Movies:

For the record, the movies Legan talks about are (with their Amazon Links):
The Haunting


The Vanishing - Criterion Collection

Black Sabbath

Trilogy of Terror

and The Nanny, for which I don't have an Amazon link.

Meanwhile, here's his entry on the Worst:

Those movies?
Black Roses, about a Satanic rock band, which I also don't have a link for
Gallery of Horrors, a terrible grade-z anthology
Troll/Troll 2, "one of the greatest cinematic train wrecks ever"
Invasion of the Blood Farmers

Enjoy-- and thanks Mark!

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