Friday, September 18, 2009

The Story of Mummy and Creature

Mummy and Creature

~a story of two monsters~

Mummy and Creature got tired of their lives as they had been living them, and because they had been friends for a long time, they decided they would live together.

Because they lived in a rather small town not far from a large city, the two of them were able to find a nice house with two stories and enough room for both of them.

Mummy had a cat named Swanson. Creature had a Collie dog named Gil.

They had their disagreements.

Mummy needed to keep the house very dry, which also suited Swanson. This was a problem for Creature, who loved baths and often fogged up the house with extremely hot water.

Mummy only liked to watch educational programming, while Creature preferred to keep the TV tuned to anything with a lot of explosions.

Sometimes the stress of dealing with a houseful of monsters and dogs and cats got the better of them.

Sometimes when there wasn't much to do, Creature would clown around. Mummy never really cared for Creature's humor.

In the evenings, they would relax on the balcony and review the events of the day.

There was always a lot to talk about.

Mummy and Creature and Swanson and Gil remained in the house for a long, long time.

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