Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome to Alex Van Helsing!

This is the first posting at the Alex Van Helsing blog, which I'm setting up as a place for fans and information about the new YA series from HarperCollins, Alex Van Helsing!

The FIRST posting. Meaning I've never posted here before. Heck, the blog didn't exist until just now.So I'm going to post some general information and I can come and post more later-- because no one knows this blog is here yet.

I have other blogs, and it may even happen that I post the same thing at Facebook and elsewhere and here. If this happens and you read the same thing twice-- sorry?

So. What IS Alex Van Helsing?

Alex Van Helsing is the story of Alex, a 14-year-old boy who finds himself thrust into a world of superspies and world vampire organizations. This is not the world of romantic vampires-- our vampires are the bad guys.

Alex doesn't know vampires even exist, see. He's always heard that vampires are just legends, the stuff people make movies about and tease him about his name about.

But in Lake Geneva, Alex meets up with the Polidorium, an enormous, UN-backed secret organization that uses high-tech weaponry to track vampire terrorists the world over.

Hey, wait a minute, you might, and I stress might, be saying. This sounds a lot like a comic book, Sword of Dracula. Ah. Right you are. Alex Van Helsing, the novel series, takes place in the same world as the comic Sword of Dracula, although you don't need to have read any of the comics to get Alex. (In fact, AlexVH takes place many years before the comic series Sword of Dracula and the graphic novel still coming, DRACULA WAR.

More to come. I won't spoil plot here, not much. Not yet. Heck, we have til next summer. I'll post about once a week. Feel free to ask questions

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