Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Last House on the Left-- Now with Happy Ending!

So, the Last House on the Left Remake will be out this weekend-- see the trailer here.

I'll confess I hadn't been following the development of this movie at all, and suddenly here it is, a remake of one of the most gruesome, cruel movies ever. In the original, a girl is killed-- this is an understatement-- and her tormenteres find themselves seeking refuge later at the girl's parents' house, where the parents learn the secret and take revenge.

But of course, one thing we know is that this movie is different-- in that at the very least, the daughter whose attack sets off the tale of revenge is alive. The director said he wanted more of a message of hope.

Will you be watching Last House on the Left? Actually, I'm intrigued by the difference, but I still have less and less of a taste for torment these days (even as a horror author.) We'll see.

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